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At Your Service, with Better Tools and Methodologies

  Osprey Media Lab is an expert in programmatic advertising which automates the processes and decisions driven by the data powered by the machines. Outcome? Huge savings in valuable time, significant reductions in advertising creative setup costs but magnificent campaign performance delivering glorious results.

Re-targeting Re-defined

  Definition of marketing is the totality of processes that involve promotion, selling and distribution of a service or a product in a commercial environment. There is a definite number of population and entities on the planet though. Does it mean we can only touch point each individual or commercial or institutional entity only once? […]

No Single Ad Network Has All Websites

It is possible for a website being listed on multiple networks at a different price. Ad networks sell the vast majority of online banner advertisements and they use ad serving. Then what is an ad network?

There is No Easy Button

A paperboy on bicycle approaches, throws the newspaper to the doorstep and father of the house opens the door and collects the paper that’s shown right on the doormat. Once he opens the paper, he reads aloud “Wow, that car is on sales now!”. He saw the newspaper ad. And perhaps you remembered this scene […]

Real Time Bidding – Real Time Winning

When we wish to buy a new house, measuring metric is the area that occupies rather than the number of rooms or the bathrooms it has. Similarly, sales metric in digital advertising is by impressions. Think of the entire house as the total ad space and each impression as the measuring metric. Seller will naturally […]

How Demand Side Platforms Boost Your Advertising Operation Efficiencies

Demand. Is it huge? Side. Which side? Platforms. Wow, how many? Although sounds complex, Demand Side Platform (DSP) is a consolidated, neat, transparent marketplace for advertising buyers to run their operations through an intelligent operations software.